Our alcohol treatment, drug & opioid treatment programs are completely customized to meet the needs of the individual and focus heavily on individual therapy as the core component. We design our treatment programs after a thorough assessment with each client to understand fully their history, needs, challenges and goals.  We work with different therapists and providers to put together the most comprehensive and effective alcohol treatment, drug & opioid treatment program for each individual.  


Welcome to a new approach to addiction recovery.  After many years of working in the alcohol treatment, drug & opioid treatment field, we learned a lot.  We learned the things that help clients get and stay in recovery.  We also learned the ways in which traditional treatment could be improved.  Our goal in opening Invitation to Recovery was to take our 30 years of combined treatment experience and develop a program that incorporates the best practices, the most cutting edge alcohol, drug & opioid treatments and a commitment and dedication to our clients that is unmatched.


Thank you for all you are doing for my son.  I am becoming more and more hopeful that with your help, he will triumph over this horrendous disease.


Through this alcohol treatment program I have been given the ability and tools to understand what was truly going on within my heart and why I felt the way I did.  I am beyond grateful for how this alcohol treatment program has helped me grow in my recovery.  I am sober and enjoying my life!


Thank you!!!  My daughter’s one year anniversary is coming up.  I feel so much relief and your drug treatment program is directly responsible for her progress.



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